Andrew Kim – AndrewDataKim

Andrew is a data analyst, avid cyclist and recreational potter. Currently he covers theme parks and specializes in survey data, providing continual quantitative analysis on guest satisfaction and demographic information. He also serves as the Orlando Alteryx User Group leader and enjoys going regularly to other groups to listen to/talk about data and visualization.

Prior to his role as a Data Analyst, Andrew worked as a Senior Marketing Analyst responsible for SQL infrastructure development and maintenance, building Tableau dashboards to support purchasing, operations and management. Andrew is a U.C.F. alumni who holds two bachelors in Marketing and Finance and has numerous business minors. His current focuses are on sharing his knowledge of data transformation and learning programming languages for predictive modeling.  He is always willing to trade good data sources for visualizations.

Best Viz advice when starting with Tableau – find data on something you love and create something from it. It is always easier to feel invested when you are exploring the data of a topic that fascinates you. Check Tableau public for data sources and ideas on your favorite subjects. Try and look at it from many different angles and using different visualization techniques (a good reference guide for vizzes by type like Data Visualization by Andy Kirk).The real key to getting good visualizations easy is to get the data in the right form.

Best advice when starting with Alteryx  –  learn the tools, throw each one on the canvas and practice using it. An analyst is only as good as their tools, so start with the sample workflows in the Help and then look at the Weekly Challenges on the community.

Favorite Tableau Zen Masters – Chris Love, Pooja Ghandi and Ryan Sleeper

Favorite Alteryx Aces – Chris Love, Jason Mack, Joe Mako

Favorite Viz book – Dashboard Design by Stephen Few (The Viz Bible and Few is God)

Favorite Data book –  Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O’Neil

Currently Reading: Now you see it – Stephen Few

Want to start reading – Wine Folly by  Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack

Currently working on– working on a handful of presentations including one for Inspire 2017.

Guest Contributors:

Yamil Medina – Viz Mixer

Yamil Medina works as Visualization Developer who uses Tableau to develop interactive dashboards creating consumer insights and analytic visualizations for Executive, Marketing and Sales.  He has experience with a diverse range of data from the entertainment, travel, banking, and brokerage industries. Yamil holds a MBA with an emphasis in Finance. In the past, he has worked for leading companies including Dean Witter, Morgan Stanley, Banco Popular and SunTrust Banks.

Yamil focuses on clarity of information by avoiding extra layers of color and other distractions so his audience can answers their business questions. He loves to explain how to make data come alive to tell stories in an engaging way. His passion extends to sharing with other professionals from different backgrounds the benefits of data visualization. He has expertise in migrating reports from legacy systems to Tableau and is currently working with a diverse range of data sources including: SQL, web connectors, Qualtrics,  TDEs created with Alteryx, and Excel. From these sources he has developed advanced Level of Detail calculations, sheet swapping parameters, measure and dimension parameters, net promoter scores, statistical significance calculations, data blending using custom locations like DMA and zip codes, and advanced period to date custom functions to accommodate a variety of date request visualizations for hundreds of workbooks.

Living in the theme park capital of the world, he is passionate about data related to travel. When he is not playing with his son or reading everything he can about data visualizing and Tableau, you can find him traveling through the beautiful state of Florida in search of new local eateries, riding his bike, relaxing at a nearby beach or racing high speed radio control planes/vehicles. Throughout all the travel and good times he is always looking for new ideas and recording new data to visualize.

Best Viz advice when starting with Tableau – In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location but if you just started learning Tableau is all about reshape, reshape, reshape, your data. If you can master the aspects of getting your data into the right format then there is no limit to what you can accomplish with Tableau. After that it’s all about simplify, simplify, simplify your viz!

Favorite Tableau Zen Masters – Andy Kriebel, Steve Wexler, and Ryan Sleeper

Favorite Viz book – Dashboard Design by Stephen Few (The Viz Bible and Few is God)

Currently Reading: Visualization – Andy Kirk

The Truthful Art – Alberto Cairo

Want to start reading – The Big Book of Dashboards by Wexler, Corvey, and Sleeper

Currently working on – A Tableau Tips and Tricks workshop for the Central Florida Tableau User Group.  Expecting to become a Tableau 10 Qualified Associate by the second quarter of 2017.

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